A New Year of Writing

I refer expansively  to  the New Year as extending from the first of January , or maybe even back-dated to  the Winter Solstice,   to well into February’s Lunar New Year, definitely past Groundhog Day, and perhaps as late as the Vernal Equinox.    I now start my drive to  work in daylight and drive home in a lightening sky.  I won’t call it a resolution, but it is my intent to publish posts to  Radio Free Omaha  regularly throughout the year.    I am a writer with only a small need for an audience  (I have often gone without one), and that would be you, O Reader of Radio Free Omaha.

Where to begin?  It’s the eternal question of writers.


Sometimes my post will be  a current work, and other times I will be  choosing from essays that have not previously seen the light of day.  When I do that, I’ll  preface it with an update, and  say at the beginning when it was written.

For me,  Radio Free Omaha is all about place and how it gets under our skin, into  our dreams, in and out of  our memories.  How places pull on us  from eons ago,  and  how they rise up  new and marvelous ahead of us .


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